The old family Katic has been mentioned in the list of noble families as far as 1500.

Hotel Vicko grbThe family was engaged in fishing and giving accommodation to travellers.

On the 12th of April 1990 the families of Vicko and Zoran Katic founded one of the first private hotels in Croatia, the hotel Vicko, which offer is based on healthy and original food prepared with medicinal plants from Velebit.

The family of mr.Vicko Katic has received a number of acknowledgments and awards for tourism promotion:

  • The acknowledgment of Croatian Tourist Union;
  • The Croatian Tourist Union certificate;
  • The Croatian Tourist Union bull;
  • The diploma and the golden badge for the eminent and the best tourist worker on the Adriatic in 1977;
  • The award of the city of Zadar for tourism promotion;
  • The recognition for the individual work in the Assembly of Individual Tradespeople of Croatia;
  • The recognition of the National Park of Paklenica;
  • The recognition for the long term contribution, promotion and improvement of tourism in the Croatian Trade Chamber for 1997;
  • The member of the Croatian Hotel Union, main board, since 1999
  • A number of rewards for original Dalmatian Cuisine as well as approvals of various international tour operators for a good and correct collaboration.
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